Joel Rubin comes from a family that has had multiple generations serve in the Armed Forces, from his grandfather and great-uncles in World War II, to his father and uncle during the Vietnam War.

It was their example that led Joel into public service, first as a Peace Corps Volunteer in a rural village in Costa Rica, then as a civil servant and appointee in the federal government, and also as a congressional aide where Joel was honored by the Military Officers Association of America as “Congressional Staffer of the Year” for his role in strengthening military healthcare.

It’s their example of service to our country that motivated Joel to run for Congress to represent Maryland’s 8th District.

Our veterans, the armed services and their families deserve the best care we can provide when they come home, and Joel will fight every day in Congress until we’re honoring every veteran’s service by following through on our commitments.

We can honor our commitments to their service by:

  1. Fully funding the Veterans Health Administration with appropriate reform by providing strong, consistent oversight to make sure that veterans are receiving quality, timely health and mental health services.
  2. Combatting suicide and homelessness among veterans by expanding access to quality public housing and investing more resources into mental health, substance abuse and addiction, and finding long-term employment.
  3. Continuing to support programs created by the post-9/11 G.I. Bill, making it easier for veterans to reenter the workforce with the education and skills to be successful.