Transportation is a quality of life issue that affects every American. However, Congress has long neglected our country’s transportation and energy infrastructure, choosing instead to spend vast sums of national treasure on wars overseas while ignoring our crumbling infrastructure here at home. The recent transportation funding bill – the first long-term bill passed in many years – still fails to provide sufficient resources to get the job done.

Joel and his family have lived in Montgomery County for over 10 years. He takes the Red Line to work most days, so he personally understands the frustrations that many have with our public transportation and automobile traffic. 8th Congressional District voters want to travel in a safe, predictable manner and want to do so while protecting our environment. We can and must do better.

For example, the American Society of Civil Engineers states that our national infrastructure will require $3.6 trillion of investment by 2020. To help achieve this goal, Joel would support a transportation bill in Congress that reflects the GROW AMERICA Act. This bill would invest $478 billion over six years in rebuilding our highways, bridges, transit and rail systems – $170 billion more than what was just passed by Congress. Joel therefore supports the following measures:

  1. Secure the long-term, stable funding we need to get the job done through a one-time transition tax on the more than $2 trillion in untaxed profit made overseas by U.S. companies.
  2. Invest $115 billion in public transportation, making it easier for people to get to work, school, and to be connected to their communities, such as via the Purple Line.
  3. Provide regional rail opportunities for 80% of Americans living in high traffic routes between cities and towns throughout the U.S., cutting down on traffic and pollution.
  4. Promote competition and innovation in transportation to get better results out of the money that we currently invest.
  5. Prioritize funds for environmental impact studies and safety reviews for all projects, so that we ensure that we get it right.