Medium: Public Service & Politics: My Interview with Joel Rubin

April 20, 2016

By Breanna Lenio, PCtoPolitics Press Director, Founder/Chief Editor for AntHill

I was honored to recently have the opportunity of interviewing RPCV Joel Rubin for Peace Corps to Politics, an organization that supports RPCVs who are running for office. Joel Rubin is currently running for Maryland’s 8th Congressional District, and we wanted to hear more about how those early days of public service have since motivated his political career. I am not a PC alumna (RPCV) myself. But in working with this organization, I’ve been surrounded by RPCVs, each of them always willing and excited to tell me about their volunteer experiences. And it was no different with Joel who volunteered as an Environmental Educator in a rural Costa Rican village back in ’94. I began by asking if his PC service had indeed motivated his political career, and he responded with something quite profound. It’s not too often that someone can simplify politics, and with such positivity.

“It’s everything. Politics is an extension of public service and public service is an extension of doing good in the world. And, if you’re committed to engaging in helping people and you want to really make an impact, you can do it in a whole bunch of different ways.”

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