Jobs & the Economy

Though the economy has improved since President Obama took office, it hasn’t improved for the vast majority of Americans because for many years too many politicians in Congress have rigged the rules to make it easier for corporations to lay off workers, keep wages low, ship jobs overseas and give huge tax breaks to corporations and the wealthy. Incomes for the wealthiest Americans are on the rise while wages for ordinary Americans have flat-lined, leaving working families to live paycheck to paycheck.

Joel Rubin will reform government so it works to make the economy grow for all Americans, not just corporate CEOs and the wealthy. In Congress, Joel will make improving the incomes of ordinary Americans and rebuilding the middle class his first priority. Joel will work to:

  1. Raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour.
  2. Encourage job growth by investing in in technology, repairing our roads and bridges and rebuilding our energy grid to meet the demands of a renewable energy economy.
  3. End tax breaks for billionaires and loopholes for big corporations.
  4. Provide affordable childcare options and Pre-Kindergarten programs, a quality public education, and effective skills training programs for laid off or transitioning workers.
  5. Promote higher education and make it more affordable for families by reinvesting in Pell Grants and allowing students to refinance their student loan rates to get the lowest possible rate.
  6. Make politicians more accountable by getting serious about campaign finance reform, so that your economic interests are heard instead of corporations and big money.
  7. Defend the right of working people to organize and negotiate with employers to determine their wages, benefits and working conditions.