Jobs & The Economy

Though the economy has improved since President Obama took office, it hasn’t improved for the vast majority of Americans because for many years too many politicians in Congress have rigged the rules to make it easier for corporations to lay off workers, keep wages low, ship jobs overseas and give huge tax breaks to corporations and the wealthy.. Read More


Joel was most recently Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Legislative Affairs, in charge of the State Department’s work with the House, and has promoted peace and diplomacy throughout his career. As the only candidate in the race with international affairs experience, he believes that trade plays a critical role in strengthening.. Read More

Environment & Renewable Energy

Throughout Joel Rubin’s career he has been a champion of both protecting our environment and investing in renewable energy to address climate change. Joel worked on the ground in sustainable development as an Environmental Education Peace Corps Volunteer in Costa Rica, helping the rural village where he served to protect its ecology.. Read More

Foreign Affairs & National Security

Joel Rubin is a unique candidate in the race when it comes to foreign policy. Joel has lived and served overseas in a developing country as a Peace Corps Volunteer and has direct foreign policy experience, having served as a congressional foreign policy staffer in the Senate, a career diplomat at the State Department and the U.S. Agency for International Development.. Read More

Retirement Security

Retirement Security plays a critical role in the overall health of our economy. Joel lives with his mother-in-law, a retiree, and is fully committed to ensuring that she receives all the benefits that she has both earned and deserves.. Read More

Women’s Health & Reproductive Rights

Joel and his wife are the parents of three young daughters, and they want nothing less than for their kids to grow up in a world where they are valued for who they are and treated with the same respect they’re taught to give to everyone else. Joel also lives with his mother-in-law, whose health and well-being is always on his mind.. Read More


The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) was a big step forward toward full coverage for all Americans, and Joel Rubin will continue to stand in the way of any Republican attempts to repeal the law or defund its programs.. Read More


Joel Rubin comes from a family that has had multiple generations serve in the Armed Forces, from his grandfather and great-uncles in World War II, to his father and uncle during the Vietnam War.. Read More

Gun Violence Prevention

Our country is long overdue for meaningful gun violence prevention legislation. We cannot allow our schools, universities, movie theaters, and neighborhoods to be shooting galleries for random acts of violence.. Read More


Joel Rubin has a deep personal commitment to public education. He is a certified elementary education teacher, earning hiscertificate as an undergraduate at Brandeis University, and has three young daughters, two of whom are in public elementary school at Potomac Elementary School and one who will join them next year.. Read More


Joel Rubin is personally connected to the immigration issue in this country – as are millions of Americans. Joel’s great-grandparents came to the United States from Russia and Romania to find a safer, more prosperous life. And his wife’s parents emigrated from Sri Lanka to the U.S. more than 40 years ago. Joel’s is a multi-cultural home, one rich with diversity of heritage and perspectives. Every day he benefits from the welcome that our country has given to immigrants.. Read More


Transportation is a quality of life issue that affects every American. However, Congress has long neglected our country’s transportation and energy infrastructure, choosing instead to spend vast sums of national treasure on wars overseas while ignoring our crumbling infrastructure here at home. The recent transportation funding bill – the first long-term bill passed in many years still fails to provide sufficient resources to get the job done..Read More

Equal Rights for All

Five decades have passed since the Civil Rights Movement, and even though we’ve made great progress, too many in this country are still fighting to be treated both fairly and equally under the law. Women are still paid less than men for the same work and until recently, were discriminated against by insurance companies; LGBT people can still be fired for simply being who they are and loving who they love; and tens of thousands of minority and low-income voters are being turned away from the ballot box.. Read More