The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) was a big step forward toward full coverage for all Americans, and Joel Rubin will continue to stand in the way of any Republican attempts to repeal the law or defund its programs.

Joel personally understands the crucial importance of being covered and having access to the best medical care possible. Less than two years ago, he faced a serious health issue that required risky, costly surgery. It was successful, and Joel is able to run for Congress today because he was fortunate enough to have insurance coverage that provided him with top-flight medical care. That still isn’t the case for everyone in the U.S. – 20 states have not expanded Medicaid coverage, leaving hundreds of thousands of people in the coverage gap.

We still have a long way to go before our healthcare system works for everyone, but we can take critical steps now to continue to push for full coverage and better health outcomes:

  1. Support efforts to expand Medicaid in states that choose not to expand coverage under the ACA – 23% of the uninsured population falls within this coverage gap because they live in states that choose not to expand Medicaid.
  2. Protect Medicare from privatization and Republican attacks and continue to push for provider payment systems that promote coordinated care between doctors and hospitals and reward healthcare providers for quality outcomes rather than “fee for service” payments.
  3. Improve the ACA law to provide a Public Option provision for those in most need.
  4. Make sure that the ACA continues to close the Medicare Part D “donut hole” by 2020 and let the U.S. government to negotiate drug prices with pharmaceutical companies, like private insurers do, to save Medicare recipients hundreds in drug costs each year.
  5. Work with patients, providers and insurance companies to reduce health disparities in low-income and minority communities and continuing to educate people, especially the uninsured, about their health insurance options.
  6. Ensure that the ultimate goal of our nation’s healthcare is to improve the quality of life and wellness of all Americans by supporting research and development and innovation right here in Maryland’s 8th Congressional District.
  7. Support research that enables a personalized medical system that gets it right, each and every time.