Foreign Affairs & National Security

Joel Rubin is a unique candidate in the race when it comes to foreign policy. Joel has lived and served overseas in a developing country as a Peace Corps Volunteer and has direct foreign policy experience, having served as a congressional foreign policy staffer in the Senate, a career diplomat at the State Department and the U.S. Agency for International Development, and until recently, as a politically-appointed senior official in the State Department under Secretary John F. Kerry.

Early in 2015, while at the State Department, Joel testified on the Department’s behalf to the Benghazi Select Committee about the State Department’s communications with the committee.

Joel has spent his career advocating for a progressive approach to foreign policy. He became the founding Political and Government Affairs Director for J Street in order to change the way American politics operated and to promote a diplomatic resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as well as to prevent both a war with Iran and a nuclear-armed Iran.

As Deputy Director and Chief Operating Officer of the National Security Network (NSN) – a leading progressive foreign policy advocacy organization – Joel helped lead the organization’s efforts to secure Senate approval of the New START nuclear accord with Russia. And after his time at NSN, he moved to Ploughshares Fund, a leading global security foundation, to become its Policy and Government Affairs Director, where he managed the organization’s Iran campaign.

We live in difficult and dangerous times both at home and abroad, and right now we need leaders in Congress who understand how foreign policy works and how Congress can help promote peace and security throughout the world. And we also need someone who can fight hard against those forces who would take us in the opposite direction. That’s something Joel has done his entire career and what he will do when elected to Congress.

Here’s what we can do right now to promote an effective national security policy:

  1. Ensure that our country remains laser focused on preventing the spread of nuclear weapons and materials, securing Middle East peace, advancing a better relationship with Iran, aggressively combating climate change, strengthening global economic development, and fighting terrorism.
  2. Reverse the harm done to our diplomatic corps by the hyper-partisan Benghazi Select Committee by providing the State Department with the resources it needs to keep its people safe.
  3. Increase funding for the diplomatic and development work of the U.S. Government, and ensure that these efforts are fully integrated into the country’s national security strategy.