Equal Rights for All

Five decades have passed since the Civil Rights Movement, and even though we’ve made great progress, too many in this country are still fighting to be treated both fairly and equally under the law. Women are still paid less than men for the same work and until recently, were discriminated against by insurance companies; LGBT people can still be fired for simply being who they are and loving who they love; and tens of thousands of minority and low-income voters are being turned away from the ballot box.

We must do better, and Joel Rubin will work every day with his colleagues in Congress until the day arrives where every American enjoys freedom from discrimination and unequal treatment. That means:

  1. Passing meaningful pay equity legislation, like the Paycheck Fairness Act, that ensures equal pay for equal work for women.
  2. Passing strong federal legislation to end discrimination for LGBT people, like the Equality Act, which establishes protections against discrimination based on an individual’s sexual orientation or gender identity in the workplace, housing, access to public places, federal funding, credit, education and jury service.
  3. Reforming the 1965 Voting Rights Act in light of the 2013 Supreme Court decision that struck down the law’s “pre-clearance” provision, to devise a new coverage formula that continues to protect voters in states that have a history of voter fraud and voter intimidation.